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Heart of the Lakes  |  Challenge Us, We Dare You

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Heart of the Lakes  |  A Sleeping Giant: Harnessing the Outdoor Industry (available by req.)


Catalyst Midland  | Locals passionately crushing their side hustles through sailing and stories

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Catalyst Midland  | Website (October 2017 – Present)


Elephant Journal  |  Lessons from Hitchhiking

Elephant Journal  |  Home is Not What We Think it Is

Elephant Journal  |  For the She-Warriors who Stand up for Each Other

Thought Catalog  |  Beware Of The Woman With Fire In Her Belly

Brass Clothing  |  Life Editing: Simplification in Practice

Second Wave Media | Michigan to join Confluence of States bolstering outdoor recreation industry

Catalyst Midland  |  Thoughts on healing: The work and evolution of artist Kimberly Megoran

Catalyst Midland  | Your neighbor is a developer: Small-scale investments in the Great Lakes Bay Region 

Catalyst Midland  |  Crafting collaboration: Three Bridges Distillery and Taproom makes final push for 2020 open

Catalyst Midland  |  Behind the scenes of the Dow Tennis Classic’s $1.5 million impact on the region

Catalyst Midland  |  ONe Eighteen opens in Downtown Midland complete with midcentury vibe

Catalyst Midland | Building 2020 green: Outdoor and green space projects to watch in Midland

Catalyst Midland  |  Great change: A decade in Midland garners more than $272 million in investment

Catalyst Midland  |  Hope with a side of grace: The important work of Midland’s Open Door

Catalyst Midland  |  Dancing with diversity: Human Library event spurs an ongoing conversation about inclusion

Catalyst Midland | A helping hand for service members: The work of the Great Lakes Bay Veterans Coalition

Catalyst Midland | Oracle Brewing hosts fall beer release from collaboration from two Midland homebrewers

Catalyst Midland | Teaming up: The impact of the Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational

Catalyst Midland | Great Lakes Bay musical magic: The making of Mamma Mia!

Catalyst Midland |  Building up: Local developer sets her sights on making a big impact

Catalyst Midland  |  Calling all adventurers: BeAlive Inc brings outdoor storytelling to life

Catalyst Midland  |  Love at first ride: An inside look at ballooning with the Midland Balloon Festival

Catalyst Midland  |  All hands on deck: Region welcomes the inaugural Dow Great Lakes Bay Invitational

Catalyst Midland | Makers Series: Metal artists in Midland transforming everyday materials

Catalyst Midland  |  Locals passionately crushing their side hustles through sailing and stories

Catalyst Midland  |  Automated and aerial: Drone & Robotics Festival takes over Jack Barstow Municipal Airport

Catalyst Midland  |  Smoked low and slow: Molasses set to open in Midland catering to all BBQ lovers

Catalyst Midland  |  Outdoor Recreation Advisory Council connects with industry stakeholders in Midland across pipeline

Soapbox Cincinnati  |  Thoughts on Impermanence: A conversation with artist Armin Mersmann

Catalyst Midland  |  Thoughts on Impermanence: A conversation with artist Armin Mersmann

Catalyst Midland | Saltwater, sinking lines and scenic escapes: A look into adventure travel with Little Forks Outfitters

Catalyst Midland  |  Bring on the butterflies: Behind the scenes at Dow Gardens ‘Butterflies in Bloom’

Catalyst Midland  |  On taking the plunge: Three local women on making their own path

Catalyst Midland  |  Placemaking by paintbrush: MARKed ARTs and the artist behind our community murals

Catalyst Midland  |  The growing STEM Ecosystem in the Great Lakes Bay Region

Catalyst Midland  |  New app puts Midland MCM architecture on the map

Catalyst Midland  |  The science of search: Efforts Behind Midland County Search and Rescue

Catalyst Midland  |  Midland organizations advocate for education and eradication of violence against women

Catalyst Midland  |  Midland’s Santa Claus School celebrates 81 years and MACF award

Catalyst Midland  | Center City district in Midland welcomes further development options

Catalyst Midland | New Dow Michigan Operations Industrial Park positioned for growth

Catalyst Midland | Run, ride and rapport: Adventure groups and races to keep you busy this fall

Catalyst Midland | Inaugural out·land·ish festival celebrates summer solstice and the great outdoors

Catalyst Midland |  Two locals join helm of new Outdoor Recreation Advisory Council

Catalyst Midland  |  Bike, paddle and stroll: Midland’s part in Michigan’s outdoor economy

Catalyst Midland |  Accessible design: Midland creates approach for all

Catalyst Midland  |  Open for interaction: The new face of downtown Midland

Catalyst Midland  |  Skills for ownership: Area universities teach tools to thrive

Midland Daily News: Modern Heroes

MDN | Midland nurse travels to eye of storm: New York

MDN | Answering the call, a past Midland resident travels to Detroit to help hospital staff

MDN | The Streeter family celebrates Earth Day with cleanup

MDN | Joni Palmer, patient services assistant with MidMichigan Health

MDN | Modern Heroes: Julie Schneider, Glenn Sasse of Sassarosa Farms

MDN | Modern Heroes: Pastor Matt and Dana Schramm and family of Memorial Presbyterian Church 

MDN | Modern Heroes: Great Lakes Bay Veterans Coalition

MDN | Modern Heroes: Kari Rickman, CRNA at MidMichigan Medical Center – Midland

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Heart of the Lakes  |  Farmland Preservation: Achatz Pie Company

Heart of the Lakes  |  Farmland Preservation: Good Stead Farm

Heart of the Lakes  |  A Case for Business Alliances: Creating a Strong Voice for the Outdoors

Kelli Mason  |  Various content at Kelli Mason

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